Behind the Blueprints: get to know the Crema team

If you’ve ever walked through the streets of Melbourne, it’s very likely you would have chanced upon a building that has our fingerprints all over it. Since 1951, Crema has been sculpting the city scape, delivering exceptional commercial and residential projects that have made Melbourne into the beautiful city it is today. Now in our third generation, our family-run company continues to lead with purpose and manage many more projects of scale. Anyone who has worked with us will know; we’re always a pleasure to do business with. It’s something we pride ourselves on. And that’s all because of the company we keep, our Crema family. With 420 employees, we are one of the biggest family-owned construction companies in Australia. Our team will grow and evolve, but our family values remain at the very heart of our business. It’s time to get to know one of our own. We’re shining the spotlight on…

Adam Keenan-Dunn, General Manager

Adam has been with Crema for just shy of a decade. Bringing more than 20 years of experience within the industry to his role as General Manager, Adam leads the Crema business with integrity, honesty, and good moral judgement. Aside from his notable resume – delivering multi-faceted projects from a range of sectors including retail, student accommodation, large scale residential and entertainment & community developments – Adam’s down-to-earth nature, and open communication style makes him an approachable leader. He provides support, direction, and encouragement to his staff, so the best results are achieved for our clients.


Crema: Let’s start with the important question first. What’s your go-to coffee order?
Adam: That’s an easy one, it never changes. Strong latte.

Crema: How did you get started in the industry?
Adam: I started studying a science degree and realised I didn’t really enjoy it. I then met a Project Manager and honestly had no idea there was a career available running large scale projects. Within 3 months I was studying Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. The rest they say, is history.

Crema: What’s one thing that surprised you about your role?
Adam: How diverse the role is. You touch on all aspects of a project cycle, from acquisition through to completion of a project. Not every day is the same.

Crema: What’s one thing you wish people knew about construction?
Adam: Probably how hard the industry is as a whole, for all parties involved. From the labourers through to the directors, it takes a full team working together to deliver a project. The whole operation has to be in sync and fuelled by passionate people. I feel like we have that at Crema.

Crema: Name your favourite project to date.
Adam: This is like asking me to pick a favourite child. I’ll mention my top two: 661 Chapel St for the complexity of the site and the cantilevered pool, and St Moritz for the quality that the team delivered. Both projects are very memorable to me.

661 Chapel Street & St Moritz

Crema: What are you most proud of in your career?
Adam: The team that we have built at Crema. We have got grads and apprentices that I have seen grow into Project Managers and Foremen. It’s extremely rewarding seeing their growth, and playing the role of a mentor.

Crema: What’s your idea of a perfect Melbourne weekend?
Adam: Probably some time out on the boat in the bay, followed by a day on the beach with the kids. A BBQ with friends would top off the weekend.

Crema: Last question – will you share your favourite hidden spot in Melbourne?
Adam: It’s not hidden but it’s very quiet and not overly utilised enough – the Melbourne Library Reading Room. It’s a spectacular site and such an underrated place.