Spotlight Series: Aurora, West Melbourne

Spotlight On
550 Spencer Street
West Melbourne


Dream Team
Client: Bella Freeman
Architect: Kennon
Structural Engineer: Matter Consulting
Fire Engineer: Red Fire
Building Surveyor: Floreancigsmith Building Surveyors
Services Engineer: JBA Consultants
ESD Consultant: JBA Consultants

Subcontractors: Altop Façade, SG Formwork


Setting the Scene

Central to Melbourne’s most vibrant business, cultural, and entertainment precincts, and with immediate access to key transport networks and employment hubs, 550 Spencer Street is an exciting and evolving address to be in and build in. The

Aurora development consists of an 8-level office building construction, with a 2-level basement, ground floor retail space, feature lobby, café, end-of-trip facilities, and terraces on the 1st level, 2nd level, and rooftop.

The Driving Force Behind the Design:

Conceptualised by Kennon Architects, Aurora is set to become an iconic building that will lead to a net zero carbon footprint within a few years of operation, yielding substantial benefits for both project outcomes and the environment.

Design-wise, special emphasis is placed on spaciousness and high-quality materials. Both the exterior and interior design exudes elegance through simplicity.

From the rooftop all the way down to the ground, the architecture and design choices translate to being a valuable business investment for all. Amenity-rich facilities provide varied work settings and social interaction spaces, integrating wellness into workplace.


The Eco Innovation

With a key focus on sustainability, the project pioneers eco-innovation in Australia by incorporating a curtain wall façade system with integrated Avancis Skala Photovoltaic solar, which is the first of its kind to be installed in the country.

Aurora’s façade is equipped with 1182 solar panels that produce more energy than it consumes. The façade harnesses sunlight, generating 50 times more electricity than a standard rooftop solar panel system typically seen in residential projects.

With over 1000 solar panels installed on the façade – representing a total inverter capacity of 98kw along with 113kw worth of solar panels – the project stands strong as a testament to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions.

The Benefits to the Broader Community

Exceeding beyond just energy generation, the incorporation of this technology significantly enhances Aurora’s energy efficiency and sustainability. By eliminating gas onsite and prioritising fossil-free development, Aurora is set to make a substantial impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The innovative architectural solutions will allow the creation of a completely autonomous and sustainable site, estimated to save approximately 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This contributes significantly to mitigating environmental harm and combating climate change.


What we’re proud of

Aurora’s achievement of a 5-star Green Star Design.

Beyond this award, the outcome of this project sets a new benchmark for sustainable development. Aurora serves as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, showcasing the potential for large-scale renewable energy integration in the built environment.

Through the success of Aurora, the Crema team hope to encourage future building projects to prioritise renewable energy and environmental stewardship, inspiring an industry-wide shift towards a more sustainable future.