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22 September 2016

This year, Crema Constructions has collaborated with Australian artist Joshua Miels to showcase his artwork on our most recent construction site, 661 Chapel St.

The ‘Gallery In The Sky’ program, which launched in 2015, is an initiative established by the family owned construction company. We see Melbourne’s construction landscape as a unique opportunity to showcase Australian artistic talent in high profile locations.

Joshua Miels is a contemporary portrait artist who looks to capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hide from others. “When deciding which piece most suited the site, I had to consider all the surrounding elements. I decided on a painting from my latest exhibition – The Collector. The background of the work is composed of blue, green and gray tones –  a colour palette that seemed fitting as it mimics the the sky and clouds. The subject appears be observing the city, his place at a grand height giving him a noble presence amongst the bustling crowds beneath.”

As the structure continues to rise over the next 12 months to level 31, Joshua’s artwork will rise with it, giving Melbourne a brilliant piece of artwork to enjoy. Stay tuned on Instagram for construction progress photos at 661 Chapel St. @cremaconstructions

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